A vibrant and welcoming community centre in the heart of Bath, the Percy Centre has something for everyone. Our wide range of facilities offer a huge number of classes and activities, from sports and exercise to workshops, music and kid’s groups.

There are classes for most ages and abilities, without the need for membership fees or annual sign up. Many classes offer free trial sessions so it’s an ideal way to find what you like.

We also work with our many supporters to provide free activities for children, young people and other groups.

Whatever you want to do in the community, get in touch or pop in to see us.

The aims of the organisation are to provide a well-maintained, accessible community resource for other voluntary sector and community groups and to support the economic activities of individuals with a range of services.

The Centre now has over 20,000 users a year and hosts a regular schedule of around 25 different activities each week, including dancing, creative writing, parenting advice, welfare to work programmes, play groups and a wide range of sports and martial arts.


Over time we have progressed from simply hiring resources in to setting up and managing services that the community has requested.

This began with an after school club that has now won several awards for its work in providing inclusive and stimulating opportunities for children. It has also expanded to include a mobile crèche service that provides experiences play workers and resources to many local organisations.

We run a number of other (primarily free) services that work with children, young people, and parents as part of an expanding programme of community development.

The Percy Centre has a large staff team and maintains a friendly, open and professional approach in all its dealings. We engage cooperatively with many other organisations and are always looking for new avenues to explore and services to develop.

We do our best to reflect our local community and to respond to its needs with creativity and enthusiasm. Over its lifetime the Percy Centre has been many different things to many different people, but all those who have used the Centre seem to have fond memories of their involvement here. If you have not tried it yet, then why not give us a visit?